Why You Should Consider an Elopement

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Elopements have become incredibly popular in 2020 and continuing into 2021 for obvious reasons. However, I love an intimate elopement because it’s focused more on the real reason for getting together. All the fuss and stress is eliminated and my brides are able to be in the moment with their partner.

While I love a good traditional wedding, I am going to share my top four reasons why an elopement may be the way to go when planning your big day.

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Top Reasons to Elope

  • Save some $$ -While this isn’t the most important reason, I always mention it to my couples. Planning a wedding can be so stressful and incredibly expensive. With an elopement, you’re able to cut out a lot of things and keep it intimate with you and your partner and the people you love most.
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  • Destination Elopement – With the travel restrictions finally being lifted, this is the perfect time for a destination elopement in Hawaii, Nashville, or even the Smokies. Make a weekend out of it and enjoy time with your new spouse and your family. I love the idea of having a wedding weekend, it can be so busy on your day that you miss out on time with family. Making it a destination weekend gives you back that time.
  • Intimate and Special event – Having an elopement allows for the ceremony and event to be a more special and intimate event. Without all the hustle of a normal wedding day, usually less people, it makes for a really special moment for you and your partner.
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  • Focus on Your Love – Your dream day should be just that, a dream. But it’s also about your relationship and the commitment you’re making to each other and God. You’re focusing on each other, and your future together. Let that be the focus of your day, and not all the silly details that everyone forgets about years from now.

Elopements are always a super special event, and are some of my favorites to be apart of. We really get to know each other and laugh together and have fun because it’s a low key event. Whether you decide to plan a traditional wedding, or an elopement, I would love to be part of your day.

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