What is a Micro Wedding?

groom carrying bride through knoxville forest and celebrating recent marriage


man and woman celebrating during tennessee micro wedding

A micro wedding has become an incredibly popular wedding trend that I am loving. Bride and groom are able to have everything from a traditional large wedding on a much smaller scale. You can have as little or as much tradition thrown in there depending on your vision for the day.

I’m going to break it down so wedding planning can be a little bit easier when deciding what type of day you want to have. Whether you choose an elopement, traditional wedding or a micro wedding, I’ve got you covered.

First, it’s a more intimate affair. Generally speaking, micro weddings tend to be smaller in scale, involving mostly family and close friends. This is the perfect way to abide social distancing regulations while still having the day of your dreams. Micro weddings are the perfect compromise for any 2020 bride who had her wedding dreams dashed.

Second, micro weddings can become a weekend vacation. Enjoy the time with family and close friends. Rent a cabin in the Smoky Mountains before your wedding day, and spend time together.

bride looking off into the distance during greenhouse bridals before micro wedding in tennessee

I have always loved the idea of having a smaller intimate elopement/micro wedding day a weekend long event. It allows for bride and groom to relax and really enjoy themselves and their family before the wedding day chaos begins.

Next, you may be able to save a little bit of money! A smaller more intimate affair can lead to a more affordable and budget friendly wedding. Typically brides spend a fortune on food, flowers, and the venue. Opting for a micro wedding with family and close friends, allows room in your budget for a destination wedding or a wedding weekend.

Lastly, focus on what matters most. Similar to an elopement, there is less stress surrounding all the details because there are less details to worry about. Allowing for the relationship to be front and center on your big day.

Think a micro wedding is right for you? I’m just the gal for your big day. Let’s chat!

bride and groom kissing on micro wedding day celebrating recent marriage
bride and groom posing in tennessee forest after micro wedding celebration
bride sitting in bath tub in her wedding dress holding bottle of champagne celebrating her wedding day
bride and groom walking through tennessee forest after marriage


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