Hello lovely!

Let me introduce myself—I’m Sarah. Welcome to my little creative space—I hope you love it here & make yourself at home. My goal as your photographer is to put you at ease and therefore be able to capture your moments authentically and beautifully—whether that be your wedding day, with your newest family addition, or just a casual Friday afternoon with your hubby. Whatever the occasion, I’m here for it, and ready to work for you. 

Aside from being a photographer, I’m a wife to my husband Clayton and a dog mom to our pups, Miller + Scout! I am an avid traveler and fitness enthusiast—my husband and I both enjoy pushing each other in the gym and in our photography skills (yes, he shoots too!). We are also conservationists and hunters, encouraging ethical, legal hunting and utilizing all of the meat harvested! So when I’m not spending a Saturday at a wedding, you can often catch me with him outdoors or at the gym. Don’t let any of this fool you though—I’ll spend a lazy Sunday afternoon on the couch with Friends reruns and coffee any of the few times I get the chance! 

I can’t wait to meet YOU now! Let’s chat (over coffee please? I’ll buy. Any reason for coffee is a good one!) and see what memories we can create for you.

A Little About Me

Not just a photographer, a visual storyteller for loved-up souls.




I am absolutely an outdoorsman at heart - so most of my images - from the lighting, to the color grading, to the undertones, are inspired by nature and the world around us.

Textures, shapes, light - it all comes together every time in a different way. That is the beauty of photography - it is unable to be replicated in natural lighting - there is no such thing as two identical shoots.

I am inspired to tell a story that represents the people within it - so learning you two, how to interact, how to work together best, and how you love one another, helps me to be as authentic as possible when retelling your moments.

What Inspires Me


My toxic trait is repeating the word perfect over and over until you truly believe you are indeed, perfect. Really though - I love to be as supportive and encouraging as possible when I shoot!

Beyond being your professional hype woman, my favorite things in life occur somewhere between coffee and wine, eggs benedict and tacos, and the wild west and urban east. I love meeting new people, seeing new places, and discovering new foods. 

My Favourite Things


Behind The Lens

My style doesn't fall hard into either of the strong "sides" of photography - I land somewhere between photojournalistic and a guiding resource. I don't believe that all beautiful images can be naturally candid, especially when everyone is a little anxious and excited!

I also don't believe that I am always needed, sometimes the best thing I can do, is step back and let you guys just have your moments.

I make every attempt to be in the right place, at the right time. I will guide you guys to create your moments naturally - whether that be helping mom stand in the right spot for your gown shots, showing your bridesmaids how to create those hourglass figures naturally during formal shots, or giving your new hubby some prompts to help him have a task to focus on to make him less nervous.

I'm also not going to let you look silly - if all it takes is a gentle "hey babe, lower your chin" to perfect an image, I'm going to quietly say it so that you have the stunning, natural images that you can FEEL the emotion in, but also feel your BEST while looking back on! 


It's simple. You chose me, and my job is to honor your story, your moments, the creation of your new family and life together, and ultimately, your legacy.
I will give my heart and soul to ensure that I do just that.

I want you to walk away feeling like a million bucks, but also that you have a new lifelong person you can call upon if you need something down the line.

My Philosophy

Your love, authentically showcased. Welcome to Fox & Fig Photography - 
Captivating storytelling for the hippies, dreamers, and cowboys worldwide.


Every story is unique - let your photos reflect that.

Your love,