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I pour my hear ands soul into my work every time I pick up a camera and I cannot wait to get you in front of it.
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Tennessee based photographer for adventurous souls in love.

1 - I work as a wedding photographer & as an auction manager!

2 - I’m addicted to coffee. Like, it’s a need. 

3 - I LOVE love. I shed a couple tears behind my lens at all the weddings I’ve ever shot. 

4 - I hate bananas. I'm not a picky eater but that's the one thing I won't eat. 

5 - I am an adventurous person by nature and will try anything once - food, activities, sports, etc!

6 - I love Jesus. He’s my main man, along with my husband and our pup. I honestly can say so much of my life wouldn’t be the way it is without any of those three guys.

fox & fig photography

Fox & Fig photography

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I had more I wanted to share because they are ALL FREAKIN amazing. Sarah is a gem to work with. I couldn’t have asked for better. I am so so so happy with each and every photo I have received and continue to receive. She made my now husband and myself feel so comfortable where she told us fun things to do where we didn’t feel like we were just posing for a picture and it was my absolute favorite turn outs. She is down for whatever as you can see some acrobatic pictures were taking during our engagement shoot 🤍 I can PROMISE you will not regret hiring Fox & Fig Photography for your big day!

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Courtney C.

If you want a down to earth, one of a kind photographer, look no further! Sarah is incredibly talented and has an eye for even the tiniest detail! Rest assured that you will feel completely comfortable and natural throughout your entire photo session. She is so personal and funny, you will think you’re with someone you’ve known for ages! I promise you will not be disappointed with Fox&Fig Photography!!

love notes:

Caylee C.

Sarah is beyond amazing! I can’t say enough about her. She’s just literally one of the greatest people I’ve ever met. She is so kind, helpful & creative. She definitely has an eye for photography and coordinating. I will recommend her to everyone I know :) It was such a pleasure working with her!

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Tori P.

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