Bride Emergency Kit : What is it and Why You NEED One

bride and groom hugging during sunset bridal session in gatlinburg outdoor wedding


bride and groom hugging during sunset bridal session in gatlinburg outdoor wedding

Have you ever seen the Wedding Planner, with Jennifer Lopez? You know in the beginning scenes where she pulls out her insane wedding day kit that has literally everything any bride could ever need? That’s kind of the idea of a bride emergency kit, but thankfully, not as large!

A bride emergency kit is something I suggest to my brides they have and give to one person to be in charge of in case something goes awry. Delegate one of your bridesmaids to be in charge of your emergency kit, that way you don’t have to worry about it, and you’re prepared. Whether that’s touch up makeup or a tide pen to clean up the mustard you spilled on your white dress!

bride and groom posing after getting married in knoxville wedding

Let’s talk touch up makeup (eyelash glue, lip gloss, powder, strip lashes) are a few must haves for any bridal emergency kit, especially for after a first look session when things tend to get a little emotional! If your makeup artist can’t stay to help we’ve got things covered.

bride and groom during their first looks before getting married in Nashville Tennessee

Don’t forget the snacks!

Having a tide pen, feminine products, a mini sewing kit, a granola bar and bobby pins are another important part of any wedding day kit. All of these items may seem silly now, but on your wedding day when you lose a button, or forget to eat breakfast because you’re so nervous and excited, you’ll be glad you’ve got this part covered!

I’ve had brides in the past show up for their first looks starving because they woke up so early, excited for their big day and couldn’t eat. I’ll have some snacks too, but make sure to bring something yummy just in case!

bride and groom cuddling after wedding ceremony in knoxville downtown wedding

Don’t try and plan for everything.

You’re not going to be able to prepare for every little thing that can go wrong, and that’s perfectly ok! Things are inevitably going to go wrong, that’s just life. But being prepared with your little bridal kit is key to being able to keep those problems at bay.

But guess what, if you don’t have something in your kit…I do. I’m like Jennifer Lopez in the Wedding Planner. I have all the things that people don’t think they need until it’s too late. Let’s just say, your favorite photographer has got you covered, girl!

bride and groom celebrating after their outdoor nashville wedding

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