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Man and woman hugging near Nashville lake during summertime engagement session

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mountainside engagement session in California destination wedding

If you’re planning engagement outfits…congratulations on the big engagement! Such an exciting and hectic time to plan everything, but also soak up all the love from family, friends, and your fiance.
Before any engagement session with my couples I like to give them a few tips for the best and most Pinterest worthy pictures.

Bride and groom embracing taking engagement pictures together in Nashville engagement session

No matching colors. We want to coordinate and look like you ‘go’ together, but not necessarily matching wearing the exact same colors.
Some of my favorite combinations together are, burnt orange and navy, white and tan, light blue and dark blue, muted pink and hunter green (Black and white are the only exceptions to this) Another great way to do this is having your man wear a flannel with a couple different colors, and you can wear an outfit that coordinates with his flannel or has a similar color scheme.

Bring a couple of different outfits! I always suggest one casual outfit and one more dressy outfit to give my brides options when we get to the different locations.

Man and woman hugging lakeside in outdoor Nashville engagement session

Your casual outfits are a great way to let your personalities shine through!
Pick your vibe. The fun part, are you more of a flowy dress girl? Or a fitted and tight dress girl? Either are beautiful for engagements and give off different vibes and personality. Flowy dresses show more movement and are flirty while fitted dresses are dressier and more formal.

Man and woman embracing and kissing hugging on top of mountain in Nashville

For your man:
Collared and button up shirts are dressier than polos, and are such a great complement to your dressy outfit.

In the fall and winter, I love to have my brides and their fiances layer up with sweaters, scarves, blankets, etc. It is a great way to get more variety in pictures, but also get those super fun and cozy pictures. Hot chocolate and blankets during winter engagements make my heart SOAR. I love a good cozy session.

Bride and groom on their wedding day hugging and soaking in all the love of their big day

Remember to have fun and show all that love in the pictures, that’s what makes them special and memorable!


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