Most Popular Months to Get Married

bride and groom at head table after wedding ceremony

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Choosing a date for your wedding is so tough, especially during these uncertain times. Do you plan for next year, or just elope and hope for the best? Or, continue on with your original plans for a beautiful October wedding and PRAY everything works out?

2020 has been rough on brides, and wedding planning (I know personally being a COVID bride). But it’s important that we stay positive and press forward planning our big day!

Before all the crazy started, what did you dream your wedding would look like and feel like? A warm summer night, intimate beachside ceremony? Or maybe a cool winter morning with hot chocolate and a cozy dinner after? I’ve broken down the most popular months to get married and ranked them 1-12.

To make planning even easier, I’m going to add some inspo pictures along the way so you’re able to get a feel for what a wedding in these months could be like! Your day will be perfect for you and your fiancé, no matter the month or time of year. Let’s get started!

  1. October is queen bee of the wedding world. Perfect for a fall wedding without being too warm or too cool for guests to enjoy.
bride and groom at head table after wedding ceremony

2. June – the beginning of summer, the perfect month to kick off the season, and to escape somewhere fun on your honeymoon!

bride and groom standing in front of alter after getting married

3. September – in between summer and fall which is the perfect option as things are starting to slow down, and family is beginning to come back from summer vacations!

bride and groom embracing and kissing after wedding ceremony in Nashville

4. May – Perfect for the spring loving bride! Flowers are beginning to bloom and everything is just perfect for a wedding.

Bride and father walking down aisle during spring wedding

5. April – Another fun spring month, beware of those ‘april showers’!

Bride posing with bridesmaids during spring wedding in the city

6. November – I love November weddings, right before all of the holidays and being able to spend the holidays as a newlywed is so special.

bride and groom walking off together after wedding ceremony in Clarksville

7. March – Another month that could go winter or spring, and is a totally beautiful time to get married. I love cooler weather weddings!

Bride and groom on rock during spring elopement in Smoky Mountains

8. August – Summer is beginning to end, and right before school starts so all your cute nieces and nephews can be there!

Bride holding bouquet behind back during August Summer wedding

9. December – Winter weddings are my FAVORITE. They’re so underrated but can be so elegant and timeless.

Bride and groom posing under veil after getting married

10. July – Sparkler exits just got so much cooler during a July wedding! You could have fireworks, sparklers, s’mores, all the fun summer traditions.

11. February – The month of love! Getting married in February is the perfect way to celebrate each other all month long.

Bride and groom hugging in front of old car after wedding

12. January – I’m SHOCKED, December 31st is a huge wedding day, and then, it just slows wayyyy down. January weddings have the opportunity for those beautiful winter wedding trends, and being able to start new year’s resolutions together. Not only are you able to be surrounded by gorgeous snow, you can still continue the Christmas theme. White everywhere with greenery and pine trees with twinkly lights. So elegant and timeless.

Bride getting ready on her winter wedding day

Any month you choose for your big day will be so special and unique to you and your fiancé. I can’t wait to see what you choose!


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