Top 5 Winter Wedding Color Palettes for 2022

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Wedding planning can be rough, between deciding the venue, finding the perfect dress, music, food, and the color of napkins, it can be a lot. But one of the fun parts should be choosing a color palette for your wedding! This makes a lot of other decisions easy because it all will revolve around those colors.

If you’re getting married in the winter, girl, I’ve got you. I’ve always loved the idea of winter weddings, with the softer colors, and elegant feel. 

When planning your wedding I suggest using Pinterest as a tool to search and figure out the exact vision you have for your wedding, and then use Pinterest to help you execute those ideas.

bride's father walking her down aisle in timeless tennessee summer wedding

Planning a wedding is a lot, so I always tell my brides to choose a few things to focus on, and let the rest fall to the wayside and try and enjoy the moment! Get all the candid silly shots with your hubby, and dance all night long. We’ll all forget about the decorations and the napkin colors, but we’ll remember the memories and all the fun we had that night.

#1 Dusty Blue

The dusty blue and sage green colors are so fun and simple especially during winter. They complement the winter snow and add that elegant and classic touch that all brides love.

gray and dusty blue wedding color palette

#2 Deep Blues & Gold

Such a classic and dramatic color palette for the bride that wants to make a statement. It’s beautiful against the white winter snow, and is such fun and unique wedding colors.

white, gold, and navy wedding cake with geometric feature on top
wedding place setting with greenery and gold silverware with navy blue napkin

#3 Burgundy, Green, and Gray

While burgundy and green may seem like the traditional route for the time of year, it doesn’t make it any less elegant or beautiful. With the hint of brown and green the rustic theme is right in line with the colors, adding a hint of something different to a holiday-esque color scheme.

burgundy, green and gray winter wedding color palette
bride getting ready for wedding day and taking bridals with her new husband

#4 Red, Gold, Green, and Pink

I love these colors together! It brings such life and color to the winter season. Usually we’ll see blues, and whites to complement the winter weather, these colors pop and add personality! One of my couples used these colors and they were so so fun in their wedding!

bride and groom walking alongside Tennessee river taking pictures
Bride posing with her bohemian inspired bouquet filled with vibrant florals

#5 Copper and Greenery

One of my all time favorites, and such a versatile color! It can be used anytime of year, specifically the fall and winter months. It adds a sense of warmth and almost coziness. I’m thinking all the plaid, and lots of greenery.

Bride posing with her bridesmaids in her big city wedding in California
copper and greenery wedding colors

Whichever colors you choose, your wedding is going to be perfect for you and your fiancé. At the end of the day the most important thing is who you’re marrying, not the color of napkins or the color of the flowers. Just you and your fiance being together is important. Let me be the one that captures those memories and helps you remember those feelings for the rest of your life.

Let’s capture your dream day together!


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  2. Jennifer T says:

    Absolutely gorgeous ideas for wedding decor and color pallets. Thanks for sharing these elegant styles!







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