Private brentwood, TN wedding | Hannah & Triston

Capturing a love like Hannah and Triston's—to capture something so special, so unique to them, forever, would be the hallmark of any wedding photographer’s career, mine being no exception. 

I had the pleasure of shooting Hannah and Triston's engagement session photos, so when the opportunity arrived to photograph their wedding, it was the perfect way to wrap up my story with them as it was just the beginning of their own as husband and wife.

Under the golden glow of the October sky, their wedding exhibited the essence of intimacy, being one of the two that occur every year at a private location in Brentwood, TN. Their twenty closest friends and family were there in attendance while those who couldn’t celebrated virtually over Zoom. The ceremony concluded with a prayer circle constructed of their guests.

Before tying the knot, the beautiful couple took part in first looks. Triston was overcome with nerves and Hannah with excitement, but their love for each other outwon those emotions as he gifted her a stunning necklace and shared their vows to one another in private. 

A day of falling leaves and brisk air, this wedding was simple and casual while remaining elegant. The definition of perfection in my eyes. 

Here are some more photos from their day:

OCTOBER 17, 2020